Founder & Director

Senator Bobby Joe Champion

Talks Music For The Holidays And Why It Was Created, his time with EXCELSIOR Choir, and What Music For The Holidays means to the community.

Latin Artist

Esti Price

Talks about her experience at last years Music For The Holidays, What’s To Come For This Year, the Latin GRAMMYs and more…

Esti Price te invita a

Music For The Holidays

¡Los artistas latinos te invitan a ti y a toda la comunidad latina a Music For The Holidays!

Vocal Legend

Robert Robertson

Talks community and how he still get nervous before he gets on the stage.

Senator Bobby Joe Champion

and Sharon Smith-Akinsanya

Invite the community to join us for Music For The Holidays at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Thursday, December 20th.

Soul Singer

Kennadi Hurst

Shares inside information on what is to come this year and what she looks forward to at Music For The Holidays and more…